Q: What is the parking situation?

A: There is only street parking along St. Antoine Street, E. Milwaukee Street, and East Grand Blvd.

Q: What time should we arrive for our party?

A: We recommend arriving 15 minutes early for safety rules and a quick tutorial. You may arrive no more than 30 minutes early to decorate for your party.

Q: Can we add time to the party?

A: 90 minutes is the maximum amount of time for gameplay for private parties. This is for your safety. You do get an additional 30 minutes for food.

Q: Can siblings/cousins under 7 years old participate?

A: For safety it is a minimum age of 7 years old to participate.

Q: Do you provide Blasters, Ammo, and eyewear?

A: Yes we do!

Q: Can we bring our own blasters (including modded blasters)?

A: Yes you can!

Q: If Grandparents and other family members attend the party and don’t participate, do you charge for them?

A: We do not charge for those not participating, but if there are over 20 non participants you will be required to pay for two party areas at an additional $300. We also recommend letting Grandparents know that this is a loud environment.

Q: Do you provide refrigerator and freezer space?

A: Yes we do!

Q: Can we bring in outside entertainment such as a DJ?

A: Yes, but you will be required to book two party areas (an additional $300 to the overall price). Also a reminder that you can arrive no more than 30 minutes to set up.

Q: Do you provide table cloths, paper plates, cups, forks/knives, etc.?

A: We do not provide these items, but if you forget anything we have backups for you.